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Updated 30-Dec-2000

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My Utilities

I used Eudora for several years at work, at home, and to help manage a web site. Along the way I found a few functions that seemed to be good candidates for automation. Thanks to the fact that Eudora's data files are all plain text, it wasn't too hard to write utilities to do what I needed done.

These days, I've moved on to GNU/Linux, where such chores are much easier, thanks to all the included GNU tools.

Some of the following utilities are written in qBasic for DOS. They include a batch file to start them correctly and require qBasic. Win95 users can find qBasic.exe on their Win95 CD-ROM. You can make changes to these utilities for your own use. If you wish to distribute the changes you must credit me as the original author within the program code.

Some files are zipped to save download time and can be unzipped using PKZip, Winzip, or the freeware Info-Zip.

Address Book-to-HTML Convertor v1.70

[NN2HTM Screenshot]

This utility will convert a specified Eudora Address Book file (nickname file) to a web page suitable for viewing/printing with a web browser. This is an easy way to print your address book, including all notes and addresses, in an organized and readable format. You can place the page on a web server or send it via email to someone else for their use. The addresses are saved as links on the page so that you can just click on the address to create a new mail message to the desired recipient. Just download the software and follow the quick and easy installation instructions in the Readme File.

Download Options

Extract Sender's Addresses from Saved Mail

This utility searches your saved mail, extracts each sender's email address, and puts it into a file in one of three possible formats: Tab- Delimited, Address Only, And Eudora Address Book format. Just download (3k), unzip, and copy the program files to the directory that contains your top level mailboxes. Then double click on the BAT file from within Windows Explorer. A text file is included with more details on using the software.

Linux Version
If you have a Linux or UNIX box handy, then you can use the following grep command to extract all sender addresses from a Eudora mailbox (MBX) file:

grep "^From: " mailbox.mbx | cut -f 2 -d ":" | grep '@' | sed -e "s/^ //" | sort | uniq > addresslist.txt

This command will save the sender's address as-is. If you need a specific format, You will need to write the code to parse the output of the command. You can look at the source code of the original qBASIC version to get ideas on how to proceed.

Other Eudora Add-ins and Plug-ins

Send comments to Anthony E. Greene.

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